Sense Ecuador has the perfect gift!

Senseinternational LLC is a US based company located at Florida. Sense Ecuador is an experience destination for curated, premium products and gourmet foods from all regions of Ecuador. We offer hand selected products to bring the senses of Ecuador to your doorstep. As a socially-focused and environmentally conscious shopping destination, all of our exclusive flowers, gourmet specialties and accessories are made by expert artisans and conscious farmers from our country.

We received this wonderful pack of 4 preserved roses called Colorful Love. The preserved roses in these white cages are the outcome of a careful artisanal process in which the roses are treated petal by petal and rebuilt into preserved blooms. They look and smell just like fresh roses but have a long lasting life.

They even have delicious chocolate! These delicious chocolates are made with premium organic cocoa beans grown in the tropical lowlands of Ecuador. Each chocolate bar in this set is different flavors and must say that the orange was my favorite.

Sense Ecuador even has roses and other great gift items that are perfect for any occasion!

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