Keep your feet warm this winter with Deadsoxy


If you want to keep your feet fashionable and warm, you need DeadSoxy!

For me, I like my socks to be: cozy, fashionable, and above all stay in place! DeadSoxy has all my bases covered.


I was recently sent 2 pairs to test out: No-Show and The Oxfords. First off, the oxford has fast became my favorite socks to wear to work. As a EMT, you never know what we are going to step into and these socks are made with a special yarn that repels moisture and sweat. I can honestly say that after wearing these socks for 12 hrs, my feet were not sweaty.

Now, the No-Shows after just as comfortable and are the socks I reach for when I wear my tennis shoes. The socks do a lovely job at keeping  feet blister free! Plus, there are so many fun colors to match every outfit or mood.

Final Thoughts:

These are my favorite socks by far especially when I am working. Right now, DeadSoxy has a sale going on:

3 pairs No-Shows for $35 or a 2 pck of his and her Oxford’s (various colors) for $30


Perfect gift for the music lover: Stylophone GEN X-1

The perfect gift for that music lover on your Christmas list the Stylophone Gen X-1 by Dubreq. The Stylophone GEN X1 is the latest portable analogue synthesizer by Dubreq. From quirky beats to haunting melodies, you can twist and warp every note in the palm of your hand. Packed with features, you’ll be amazed at what the Gen X-1 can do.

As someone who has never used a Stylophone, I was quite impressed. For a battery powered unit, it packs a punch!


Shape your sound with knobs to control envelope, delay, and filter, and play melodies with the stylus on the keyboard or sound strip. The pocket-sized synth is purely analog and features a built-in speaker and battery-powered operation for playing on the go. The Stylophone has great features such as:

iconic portable analog stylus synthesizer updated w/ advanced features + sounds

stylus-activated keyboard + sound strip

hands-on control knobs for envelope, delay, low pass filter

square or triangle wave forms w/ selectable sub octaves

play on the go w/ built-in speaker or headphone output

“X” button for pulse width modulation

battery-operated (4x AA, not included)


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoy the Stylophone Gen X-1 and so does my son. He enjoyed making some really awesome sounds. I plan on using the synthesizer around Halloween to create some really creepy sounds in our fire departments haunted house.


You can purchase the Stylophone Gen X-1 on Amazon




Hairdo Invisible Extension ($79,

Heavenly, long hair isn’t just for the Hollywood stars. Get mega-watt length and volume in a matter of seconds with this 20” halo extension. Simply slip it on like a headband and pull your own hair over it, and the ingenious and inconspicuous design blends in seamlessly.

Hairdo 22” Straight Extension ($99,

The fairy tale-worthy mane is easy with this straight one-piece extension. Simply clip and snap on and your short hair instantly becomes longer, thicker and more luxurious.

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For a longer lasting shave, you need the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa Epilator


Ladies, if you want a longer lasting shave this holiday season, you need the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa Epilator! After using it, I am totally convinced that it delivers everything one would expect from a great epilator. I found when I first started epilating that the whole idea was a lot more painful in my head than the actual reality of it! Also, the more you epilate, the more you become used to the sensation, to the point where it really doesn’t hurt at all.


First, lets talk design. I love the shimmer sparkle that is in the epilator as it makes it girly! It’s really easy to hold, whether you’re removing hairs from the face, legs, bikini line, underarms and so on. It’s not heavy and its shape fitted right in the palm of my hand.


It comes with a charging stand and cord. It is pretty sturdy so you do not have to worry about it falling over when someone goes in and out of the bathroom.

  • epilator
    Contact Caps
  • epilator
    Exfoliation Brush & Massage Cap
  • epilator
    Shaver Head

Now, the Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator comes with several attachments to give you that full spa experience. First, you get three (3) brush attachments: 2 exfoliation brushes and an amazing deep massaging pad. (Trust me, it feels amazing even on sore muscles) You also get to caps: The smaller opening is for facial hairs and the wider is for skin contact in those sensitive areas. The last attachment is the shaver head with trimmer cap. The shaver is perfect for touchups but i found that my husband loves using it with the shaver cap for touchups on his beard!


Braun has made the head of the epilator 40% wider! The head itself is actually made up of two separate pieces; an outer cap and the epilation head. The purple cap that comes on the Silk Epil 9 is the High Frequency Massage Cap. The epilation heads also have the flexibility to move with the contours of your skin, so when you’re doing difficult areas like knees, the head will tilt accordingly so that you can still easily cover all of those places.


Use the Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa in the shower for extra comfort. The warmth of the water releases endorphins – which reduces any slight discomfort and skin irritation. Most of the hairs were removed from the first pass. However, you will need a second pass if you don’t want to leave any hairs behind. My legs felt incredibly smooth, especially after applying the moisturizer.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoy using this Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa. I particularly love that this one is a wet/dry one, as I find it even quicker and easier to use in the shower – and I really love that it now comes with even more useful attachment for a full spa experience at home.

Braun Silk-epil 9 -961V, 9-969V has suggested retail price of $149.99 and can be found at various online sellers.


PUR attitude Encourages Your Skin to Take Some Vitamin C!

By combining patent-pending technology with essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients, the PUR attitude brand redefines innovation in skincare with 100 percent pure, soap-free skin care.

PUR attitude Fusion-C Brightening Serum is an essential step in any skin-care regimen. This serum was created to improve the skin’s firmness and youthful appearance using four different forms of Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, and Sodium Ascorbate. Fusion-C Brightening Serum also contains BV-OSC Ester, which is an active form of Vitamin C that improves collagen synthesis. This serum’s benefits include improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, lightening age spots, and discoloration with the use of Licorice Extract, Vitamin E, and Hydrolized Collagen.

Fusion-C Brightening Serum is enhanced with the power of natural Hyaluronix™ technology, which delivers up to one thousand times its weight in water, binding moisture deeply into the skin. Hyaluronix™ uses a complex of three different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to create a delivery system that encapsulates and time-releases key ingredients deep within the lower layers of the skin.

Available in 0.5 fl oz. (MSRP $39.00), benefits of PUR attitude Fusion-C Brightening Serum include:

Significantly lightens age spots

Combats hyperpigmentation

Evens out skin tone texture

Improves skin elasticity

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows the brand’s standards for “Safe Beauty,” avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. For more information, visit
About PUR attitude
Based in Boca Raton, Fla., PUR attitude products contain only safe beauty ingredients and are not diluted with water. More than 1,300 chemicals have been banned from the company’s lab, which adheres to strict EU standards. All formulations for the brand were developed by David Pollock, a beauty innovation chemist with more than 20 years of experience formulating products for some of the most recognized names in the industry.



You’ve seen it in magazines, in Sephora, and now on your favorite influencers’ pages. Erborian, combining Korean ingredients with French luxury, gives you the ultimate innovative and multi-tasking products. Below please find the Erborian products that have become influencer must-haves!

Eman Erborian CC Cream

Who? Eman

What? Erborian CC Crème ($44)

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Anastasia of Glamorable Erborian Eau Ginseng Lotion

Who? Anastasia of Glamorable

What? Erborian Eau Ginseng Lotion ($39)

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Leckie Roberts of Westvillagewasp Erborian BB Cream

Who? Leckie Roberts of Westvillagewasp

What? Erborian Liquid B.B Crème Au Ginseng Cushion Compact ($48)

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