Never scoop litter again with the Litter Robot III Open Air!

 I am a busy, busy person. I am a mom/wife/EMT so you can just imagine I have a hectic lifestyle. Oh, and I have 3 cats in my house who love to make a mess with their litter box and smell my house up! Now, I love my cat’s, they are my babies, but I hate the way their litter box makes my house smell after I have been out all day. Plus, the dog will drag it out of the box or you have to worry about the little ones playing in it thinking its a sandbox for their army men!

So, when I had the opportunity to try out the Litter-Robot III, I jumped for joy! I mean a litter box that will clean after my cats and help eliminate the odor, SIGN ME UP!

The Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box that is very sophisticated and looks like a space ship. It has a self-adjusting weight sensor that knows when your cat is inside using it (so you don’t have to worry about it cycling when your kitty is inside of the litter box). After each use, a timer counts down until it cycles, which is great because it allows the kitty to be way finished with their business before it cycles. It is also good for clumping litter, so that the clump has time to set. After that, the sifting system cycles automatically and dumps the clumps and waste into a drawer below. Once the drawer is full of waste, an indicator light lets you know that it’s time to empty it. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month warranty.

This is the control panel on the unit. You can see that it is easy to see and basically self explanatory. But, if you are not home, they have an app!

  • Drawer level
  • Clean Cycle Stats
  • Week/Month Usage
  • Remote settings

The app is what I love! I have been at the grocery store when the phone went off with an alert telling me the tray was full and ready. Within the app, you can lock the control pad on the unit so kids cant push the buttons, turn off the night light and even change the amount of time it waits on a cycle.

The tray is at the bottom and just pulls out. Also, it has the added step on top for easy entry into the box. But, if you see the slots at the bottom, that is a filter that helps to keep odors down to a minimal. Trust me, if you walk in my house, you would think I kicked my cats to the curb. I honestly have no odors and my cats stink like humans!

Our video above will show you more about the Litter Robot III Open Air and a visual of the actual size. (Don’t mind my cat hanging out in it)

Once I got the unit set up, I was freaking out thinking that my cats would not use it once it started doing cycles. But neither cat had a problem using it. This automated self-cleaning litter box comes with a instructional manual and also information with tips and tricks about how to get your fur babies to use it. I followed their suggestion of leaving the old litter box next to it for a few days to see if they would start using it. Within minutes of putting the litter in it, one of them used it. Bugsy has remained fascinated by it and still watches the thing when it cycles.

Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter Box Specifications:
Dimensions: 29”H x 22”W x 24”D (74cm x 56cm x 61cm)
Waste Drawer: 6”H x 11”W x 16”D
Oval Entryway: 9”H x 6.5”W
Litter Bed: 14”W at maximum
Internal (globe): 13”-15”H (depending on litter level) x 20”W x 15”D
Weight: 24 lbs.
Shipped: 33”H x 23”W x 23”D, 28lbs.

You can purchase the Litter-Robot III on their website and save $25 through our link. Free Shipping within the contiguous 48 United States.

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