Nectar makes you feel like you are sleeping on the clouds!

Nothing is more important in achieving a good nights sleep on the right bed, constructed of quality and healthy sleeping materials, all while being crafted to provide the correct support for your body. I have a bad back and my husband has had back surgery, so we need a bed that can give us a restful sleep without pain.

So, when I was offered the chance to checkout a Nectar Mattress, I could not resist! This is going to be a 2 part post, the second will be in a month after we have had longer to sleep on it.

First, Nectar comes delivered in a purple bag for shipping and your mattress is actually protected inside another bag with carrying handles. Yes, I picked this mattress up just by the handles and they did not rip!

Once you get the mattress out of the bag, it is vacuumed sealed like other mattresses on the market. Which actually makes moving it around into the correct position on the bed easy.

Once unsealed from the plastic, it takes a few seconds for the bed to start taking shape. Now, from my experience, it took about a hour for it to be full size. Mind you, my cat seemed to like the mattress right off the bat!

Manufactured and designed with unique breathing airflow and woven fabric, traditional memory foam and a variety of other unique features, the Nectar is without a doubt is a affordable mattress that allows sleepers a comfortable and cool night of sleep.

With the combined performance of its unique cooling system, its top layer of gel memory foam and its quilted cover, the Nectar Mattress stands out above the rest.

They also have pillows that are made from the same material and I can be honest, they are the best pillows I have ever slept on. My husband has not had any problem sleeping on the Nectar Mattress and said that he sleeps better than he did on our Sealy mattress. Yes, we had a Sealy and I despised it!

Nectar has a unique one year trial period and a lifetime warranty which makes it a safe choice! If your not happy, Nectar will pick up the mattress for free.

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