The Mad Bombers have bath bombs to die for!

The Mad Bombers is a etsy shop that makes killer bath bombs! Now, I have tried all kinds of bath bombs and yes, even Lush but NONE come close to The Mad Bombers!  You heard me, LUSH can not touch the quality of THE MAD BOMBERS!

Bless Your Heart Bath Bomb is huge! I mean it would barely fit into the palm of my hand plus just look at it! Its amazing….

Yes, I know, it looks like a murder scene but this is just me enjoying Bless Your Heart! The smell is like cherries and leaves your water blood red. I will say, the scent stayed with me for hours after I finished my bath which is something other bath bombs have never came close to!

The Plz Die and Drop Dead are the size as the palm of your hand and I think run around $9.50. You can smell the bath bombs before you even open the box. They fizz amazingly and make my bath time a little more fun!

Check The Mad Bombers out on their etsy shop. The prices range from $7.00 and up. They even have soap which is now on my shopping list 🙂


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