Lucky Tackle Box is the perfect gift for dad

Lucky Tackle Box is a subscription box for fishing lovers who want to be surprised every month! It comes equipped with a variety of tackle for your designated species, all for one low cost. Not only is it fun to receive surprise gear in the mail, but it’s even better knowing that you get to try new baits and expand your inventory.

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When you open the box, you will find a sticker, some pamphlets and a information card on what is inside your box.

IKE’s Approved Weedless Neko Hook $3.99

6th Sense Crankbait $8.99

Bagly Pro Sunny B $12.99 (Lucky Tackle Box Exclusive)

Zman BD 115 $3.99

Duo International Pencil 110 $13.99

Bass Attacker Attacker Stix $4.99

Zman TRD 2.75″ $3.99

One of the best parts of Lucky Tackle Box is the sheer number of options they have. They have every type of box you can imagine, so no matter what your favorite fish are, you’ll find something that accommodates your needs.

If getting new and unknown gear is an exciting feeling for you, then subscribe. Just remember that there will be items you either don’t like or don’t use. It gives you a chance to discover different brands and different baits. Many of these you would have never known about without the subscription box. It also makes a great gift for someone who loves surprises and fishing. What’s better than receiving all of this FOR FREE as a gift?

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