If you like brew’s and baked goods, you are going to love Brewkery Box!

If you love different kinds of brews and you love baked goods, you have to get a subscription to Brewkery Box!

Each box will contain an assorted selection of hand-crafted items picked just for you based on monthly themes and information you’ve provided. Themes range from chocolates (like what we received) to breads, white chocolate, and so many more even coffee!  

All boxes include exclusive items with a total value of over $100 and only available to Brewk Club Members.  Only Brewk members have access to their exclusive collection of Brewkery (Bakery+Brewery) items, where some of the products are infused with draft beer for a uniquely delicious experience you’re sure to love.

I was lucky enough to receive this month’s box and OMG I AM IN LOVE!

Chocolate Bock Beer Brownies: Brownies, What Brownies? That’s what I said when my bestie came over and seen the box. These are delicious

2 Popcorns: Chocolate Swirled Pale Ale Caramel Corn Spiced With Cayenne & Pale Ale Caramel Corn Spiced With Cayenne: Popcorn with a kick, heck yes!!

Old Stock Ale Caramels: So many caramels, so many diets to break! There is no way I am staying on my diet with this!

Oatmeal Stout Raisin Cookies: Moist and delicious as if they just came from the oven!

Spiced Lager Turtles: OMG These are the freaking best! They taste just like a normal turtle but have that spicy kick at the end

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods with Swirls of Old Stock Ale Caramel: Sweet, Crunchy, and delicious. This would be so good with a warm cup of coffee, hmmmm….

Final Thoughts:

I can say honestly that this is the best box with the tastiest goodies I have had in a LONG time. Everything in the box was delicious and hard to resist. I think between my friends and family, everything lasted only just about an hour and it was all gone!

You can sign up for the box here and it is just $49.99 but soooo worth it. They give so much product it is crazy! Check them out on Facebook cause they have been know to offer discounts 🙂



  1. Scott B. says:

    I searched for beer brownies and other stuff on Google and came across your site. Those pictures look really freaking good and that’s definitely a lot of product in one box! I’m a huge draft brew lover and am interested in this box for sure. How long did it take to deliver to you? That seems like a lot of goodies for just $50. Was there a shipping cost?

    • inmysouthernopinion says:

      no free shipping and it came in just a few days! Trust me, this box is well worth the money. It is as if you grandmother was baking in the kitchen and left them for you!

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