Light up the night with Playbrites Magical Light Show Animals!

The Playbrites light-up animal figures produce entertaining light shows before bedtime and transform into comforting nightlights when your children are ready for sleep. Its interchangeable features and carry handle make transporting easy and allow for its doubling as a flashlight.

You can choose from a Bunny, Puppy, Dragon, Shark, Unicorn, or Kitty to find the perfect pal for your little one. Each one is equipped with an LED light that changes color (blue, red, pink, orange, green, and white) to put on a spectacular display. An automatic shutoff feature helps conserve the battery life. To keep the accessories safe and secure, kids can store them right inside the body. Playbrites also have a handle so little ones can easily take them along on the go.


Each animal has a different pattern which creates a unique light show. It can be left on as a solid color or rotate thru the colors. Plus, it can be used as a night light because of the automatic shut-off switch!

Final Thoughts:

The best thing about Playbrites is that the kids can interchange the facial features to create so many new looks. Easy clean up and storage makes it a bonus for this busy mom!

Playbrites make a great gift for any kid aged 3 and up. You can find them at Toys “R” Us and at for just $19.99

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