Kamedis Skin Care

Kamedis manufactures a wide variety of natural health and beauty products, and has recently made inroads into the North American market. The goal of Kamedis is to offer effective, Bio-Herbal Skin Care based on botanicals used in traditional and naturopathic medicine.

Recently, I was sent over a selection of Kamedis products to try out. Of course, I was curious as I have never tried the brand plus all the products seem safe for my 13 year old son:

Topic Skin Face & Body Cream is based on a non-irritating, botanical extract formula that has been dermatologically tested for your skin care needs. It relieves & hydrates extremely dry, red, itchy and irritated skin.

Topic Skin Face & Body Wash is a great cleanser that soothes itchy, dry and irritated skin quickly and gently. It help to cleanse the skin without drying out plus it moisturizes, soothes and nourishes the skin.

AC-Clear Face Cleaner provides rapid relief for red and irritated skin. Gently cleanses oily-prone skin without drying. Removes sebum excess from the skin.

AC-Clear Spot Treatment helps to reduce oily skin areas and blemishes while covering and concurrent dehydration of blemishes. Also, it can be applied under the make-up

AC-Clear Face Cream soothes and calms the appearance of red and irritated skin. Visibly improves oily skin imperfections and removes oily secretions. You can use this cream daily and I love that it can be used on kids over age 3.

SEBO & PSO Dandruff Shampoo is a mild and gentle anti-dandruff formula for cleansing scaly, sensitive and itchy scalp. It removes and prevents dandruff, calms and relaxes irritated and reddened scalp, cleanses scalp and hair, gives the hair shine and suppleness.

I have been using a lot of these products on my 13 year old son as he has started to deal with acne and dandruff. I will say, he has somewhat sensitive skin and these products did not irritate him. I actually seen a vast improvement in his dandruff and breakouts! Kamedis is a product brand that for my family, is a must have!

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