If you are the ultimate sports fan, your pet needs the Nap Cap!

Admit it, as the ultimate sports fan, you probably have everything ever made for your favorite sports team. Well now you need the Nap Cap! This is the ultimate pet bed for your pets! The Nap Cap provides a cozy dome for your pet to NAP or PLAY in any room.

 As soon as I pulled the Nap Cap out of its re-usable polyester bag and set it up, my cat jumped in. The dog didn’t stand a chance. The classic over-sized sports cap looks great in any room of the home and is the perfect way to rep your favorite sports team. It is super easy to assembly and took this southern chick just 5 minutes to set up. It velcro’s to the base and you screw on the top stud of the cap.

The Nap Cap comes in 3 sizes:

For small dogs: 27.50″ x 19.30″ $139.00

For medium dogs: 34.64″ x 22″ $169.00

For large dogs: 44″ x 28.22″ $199.00

Another great thing about the Nap Cap, the plus bedding on the inside is machine washable. You just pull it out and unzip the cover to throw in the washer. Also, you can use a damp washcloth to wipe down Nap Cap for easy cleaning.


Whether you have a small, medium or large pet they will be able to show off their team spirit with this sporty, durable and stylish official NBA licensed NAP CAP!  SHOP NOW! Click below to find them on social media:



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